Buckhorn has a 5,000 PSI Certified Manual Deadweight.

A compact, portable instrument incorporating all features of the RSC Dead Weight Gauges plus a self-contained pump for producing pressure. This tester can be used for checking spring gauges, calibrating bourdon gauges or other instruments, pressure testing small vessels, and measuring gas pressures with high accuracy. Adapters in sizes to fit usual gage connections, hand jack and hand set are supplied on the same base as the tester and weights. Bourdon tubes may be checked directly on the tester, or by tubing connectors if panel mounted. Carrying case with handle make the instrument easily portable and provides necessary protection.

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Pressure range: 50-5,000 psi
Pressure intervals: 1 psi
Includes 10′ steel tubing
Complete with Factory Cert @ .05%

It is most important that you wear all the manufacturer’s recommended safety equipment, review all safe operation manuals and decals, and observe all safety precautions when utilizing tools and operating equipment.

Operator/User/Renter assumes all responsibility for the use, care, and inspection of Personal Protective Equipment.

For safety inquires or if safety information is not present, please contact Buckhorn Rentals at 985-851-2330.