Buckhorn Standard 

The Buckhorn standard is a call to excellence not only in the workplace but outside the workplace as well. Buckhorn utilizes a great deal of resources in creating a culture of safety. This culture is created first by awareness. Our team is equipped with knowledge of safety as soon as one is added into the team. Below is the minimum of safety classes employees are required to meet at the date of hire. These classes are followed by competency test to ensure the knowledge is understood.

Buckhorn Core Values 

Our core values are at the center of everything we do. Buckhorn is committed to conducting business with a high moral standard. Each Value is equally important to the success of the Buckhorn. Safety and the protection of our most important asset – our employees is at the CORE of our beliefs.


-Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness


-Back Safety and Injury Prevention

-Benzene Awareness

-Lead Awareness in General Industry

-Safety Data Sheets

-Hazard Communication: An Employee’s Right to Know

-Confined Spaces

-Forklift Safety Awareness

-Hand and Power Tool Safety

-Hydrogen Sulfide

-Job Hazard Analysis

-Lockout Tagout

-Rigging Equipment and Inspection

-Scaffolding and Ladder Safety

-Welding, Cutting, and Brazing

-Electrical Safety

-Fall Protection

-Fire Safety and Prevention

-Hearing Conservation

-PPE Personal Protective Equipment

-Defensive Driving

-Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees

-Business Ethics

-Respitory Protection

-DOT Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Job Safety Analysis and Behavioral Based Safety 

Buckhorn proactively promotes a safe working culture. JSA’s and BBS observation cards are completed daily. Buckhorn rewards safe behavior and mentors tolerable risk behavior.  Buckhorn works with customers to minimize safety risks through Job Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessments. With the combination of knowledge and incentive, we aim to instill a culture of safety in each and every team member.